Cameras are the big show. They’re the favourite child, although we’d never admit it (ah crap).

No, look, WiFi cameras, you’re also really good. We love you just as much. It’s just that you’re a bit special. OK, maybe special isn’t the right word. You just like the best of everything and tend to get a bit moody of you’re fed 2nd rate stuff. Is that fair? Yeah. It’s fair.

Our WiFi cameras are among the best and most reliable you can get. BUT, they will only ever be as good and reliable as the WiFi network they are connected to. So it’s not so much a ‘It’s not you it’s me’ kind of scenario, but an ‘it’s not it it’s that’ kind of scenario.

The lesson is, if you’ve got a healthy, trusting relationship with your WiFi and you get strong signals from every point of your property, then maybe WiFi cameras are your answer. 

If not, then you probably need to push the boat out that little bit further and get 4G cameras. Or at the very least a combination of the two. One Monkey Vision 4G camera can piggy-back two or three Monkey Vision WiFi cameras.

Then again, there’s always the Monkey Vision Ranger 4G WiFi Router that creates a WiFi network with the reliability of 4G. 

Yup. We’ve thought of everything. Thanks. 

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