Why $995 is less than $227

$227 v $995

Holy cow that’s a big price difference. How do we even justify that? I mean that’s crazy, isn’t it?

No. The only thing that’s crazy is paying $227 for a security camera. Why? Because we can guarantee that it will end up costing you a hell of a lot more. 

I stumbled across this ad within 6 seconds of searching “4G Security Cameras Cheap”. There are a number of things that are instantly, visibly wrong with this camera. Mainly, the seller appears to be a drop shipper – so I clicked through to their sales platform and then to their website. The CCTV page says “This is a heading. This is a subheading. Learn more.” No thanks.

That aside, let’s add $312 to the price of theirs so we’re on a level playing field data-wise. Or if that feels like cheating, how about you go out a source a streaming plan that tells you when you’re about to go over your limit, link it to a sim you’ve bought from someone somewhere or just had lying about the place, and see how much the time and effort will cost.

Ok, we’ll just at $312 then. $539.

I’ll spoiler alert the rest: it doesn’t include an SD card so you’ll have to source that yourself and install it yourself – which will more than likely void your warranty and any claim you’ll have if the thing doesn’t work (when you do all the things you need to do to make it work), it doesn’t come with a SIM (let alone a comms chip that has been specifically designed to speak to Australia’s most popular networks), and it doesn’t come with an Australian approved power plug. It’s waterproof, but not weatherproof – which means you can put it outside as long as it is covered.

Let’s round all that stuffing about up to $700.

Even still, at this point, unless you’re an electrician with a telecommunications fetish, you’re probably going to have a bad time.

What are electricians these days? $75 an hour? $100? I don’t know because I haven’t needed one lately since Monkey Vision cameras are plug and play. 

Well, if you get one in, let’s hope he can read the instructions – which, from the look of the images they posted online were translated by someone who probably hasn’t even used the product. 

Pretty sure we’ve shot past the $1000 mark by now and we haven’t even talked about our “Nah, yeah, Yeah, nah’ returns policy.

Either way, you probably get the point. 

They say “Less is more”. When it comes to security cameras, nothing could be more true. 

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