Monkey Vision has a variety of great resources to get you up to speed on your Monkey Vision camera as well as some steps on how to get the camera quickly set up. Check them out below

Simple Cameras App User Guide

Camera Features and Functions

Set Up Motion Detection

Make the phone app go ‘bing’ when your camera sees a thing

Retrieve and Save Footage

If something extraordinary happens, here’s how to get a replay

Change your Timezone

Do this the second you get your camera up and running. Seriously.

Take a Snapshot

Take a photo from your Monkey Vision camera via the app on your phone

Set Up Guard Mode

Set point for your PTZ to focus on within its field of vision. Awesome, huh?

Set Up 360° Patrol

Make your Monkey Vision camera pan around automatically.

Set Up Horizontal Patrol

Pick two points along a flat plane for your camera to scan between

Set Up IR Night Vision

When the sun goes down, it’s time for this guy to shine.

Need Additional Help

If you want any additional help on how to best use your camera get in touch