Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?

Seriously. Have you? Power issues account for most technologically problems. And while the old "off and on again" trope is well worn, it is well worn for a reason. Most machines with brains in them need to power cycle every now and then to blow out the cobwebs and get their stuff together. 
So if you've got an issue with your camera start there.

Next, are you using a solar kit or a power pack plugged in to the wall?

If you're using a solar kit, what is the weather like? What has it been like for the past few days? If there's been consistent overcast weather, your solar panel might not have been recharging the battery.

If you're plugged in to the wall, are you using the official Monkey Vision Power Pack?

It was specifically designed to use with our cameras - and not in, I don't know, a microwave. So if you're not using the original Monkey Vision Power Pack, that could be your issue. 


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