Monkey Vision cameras have been made for self-monitoring. We've built in all the alerts, motion-sensing capabilities and D-I-Y-iness so you don't need outside help - unless you want it. 

No one cares about your stuff more than you. We figured that if you care enough to get our cameras, our ecosystem should be robust enough to let you take full control. 

But nothing is foolproof.

If history is any guide, a camera can film someone using sandpaper on a cricket ball, but they can’t stop the goose thinking that it’s a good idea and making some other goose do it.

Or to put it another way, some people are flogs. They were born flogs, they’ll die flogs and in between they’ll try to flog as much stuff as they can.

What we’re trying to say is, if someone really, really, really wants to be a flog, no matter how against the rules, the law, basic human decency or just good-blokeness it might be, they’ll do it.

Our cameras won’t stop it, nor will anyone elses. We hope they’ll pick it up and give you all the evidence to prove who it was, when they did it and how, but they can’t stop a flog being a flog.

They’ll definitely give someone who isn’t a genuine mouth-breathing swamp dweller pause for thought. In most cases, they’ll be a great deterrent. But the best they can do is alert you that someone is there, something is happening, and make sure you’ve got good footage of it.

They are not an alternative to an alarm system or human security guard, but they are a great piece of the ‘looking after your stuff’ puzzle.

Setting our cameras up properly is crucial. If they’re not installed correctly, and in the right spot, things like glare, fog, dew, mist and morons with black spray paint might affect your lens.

Power is also a big issue, and when we say ‘clean’ power, we’re not just talking about renewables. If your cameras aren’t receiving continuous, consistent power, they will be prone to faults. So try not to hook them up with other appliances or fixtures – especially ones that are hardwired in and switch themselves on and off.

Also, as much as we love our Sunshine 52 Solar Kits, they’re only as good as the sun that shines down on them. Now, in 2019 they were tremendous. 2020, apart from being an absolute $#!^show, has been wetter than an otter’s pocket, so they’ve struggled a bit. These are all things you need to bear in mind – especially if you live in (insert Melbourne weather joke here).

Even if you’ve put your faith in our best-in-class 4G cameras that run on Australia’s most reliable network, you’re not immune from the odd outage. If the network sneezes, your camera catches the cold.  Granted, it’s a rare occurrence, but it has happened, can happen and most likely will happen in the future.

If this is all sounding a bit ‘arse-covery’ then you’re right. We accept no liability or responsibility for damages and/or losses to property and assets within the property. We’re designed to help you keep an eye on your stuff, or help professionals like Monjon Australia to keep their eyes on your stuff.

Between us, we’ve got you covered. But only to within the limits of our combined powers. Terms and conditions apply and all that. You can review Monjon’s full Ts&Cs at monjon.com.au

If you'd like to add some monitoring to your Monkey Vision, just let your friendly, talented, Monkey Vision sales rep know when you place your order. Or if you'd like to add it once you've already purchased, give us a bell on 1300 546 129.



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