About Us

Security systems are complex. Surveillance equipment is expensive. Monkey Vision is neither.

Our cameras are professional grade, user-friendly in every way and affordable like never before. We’re calling this new market ‘Property Observation Systems’: cameras that give you the power to keep an eye on things, without eye-watering upfront and ongoing costs.

The difference is that our cameras aren't just repackaged straight off someone else's assembly line. We have optimised everything for the Australian market - whether it's a tougher casing, our unique MONA 4G communications chip, easy-to-follow instructions, or Australian voice commands on our Monkey Mometer Pro. 

If you read between the lines that means we're based locally. So if you've got any questions or concerns you can talk to someone on the phone, or even in person if you're nearby. The guys drop-shipping cheap plastic cameras don't offer that, do they?

Our PTZ and Fixed Lens cameras are the closest thing you can have to your very own personal camera operator. Tell them where, when and what to film, control them with one finger, and see what they’re filming using your phone.
They’re the very definition of plug-and-play. Once your camera arrives, all you need is a screwdriver and your phone to be up and running in under five minutes.
The Monkey Vision Connect App is the cherry on top. Whether you choose 4G cameras, WIFI cameras, or a combination of the two, you can view live or recorded footage, control them all from your phone, device or PC.

Rob Hilton - Serial Entrepreneur
Rob has been creating, sourcing, importing and marketing products for over 30 years. Since starting The Promotions Factory (TPF) as a 19 year-old, Rob has honed his innat ability to read and stay steps ahead of the marketplace. Today, finding the right product at the right time is practically a sport. Beyond the skills and experience that Rob brings to Mammoth Innovation, it’s his passion and enthusiasm that are invaluable. 

Jason Biddell - Senior Upholsterer
Ok, so that's our 'in-joke'. Jason is one of our most valuable assets. He knows everything and how everything works - right down to the smallest technically accurate measurement that he knows the name of off the top of his head but we probably don't. He makes things work and knows what's wrong when they don't work. One day we came into the office to see him reupholstering a chair, hence his job description. We're hilarious in here. lol.  

Blaine Coates - Centre Half Salesman
The first thing you notice about Blaine is how relatively articulate he is for a high-level Australian Rules football player. It didn’t take him long to make his mark. He sure does get a kick out of selling cameras, tackles everything with hunger and never handballs the hard stuff to others. From the opening bounce to when he sets sail for home at the end of the day, and that’s it I reckon I’m out of footy puns. Oh, something about kicking goals. Yeah that’ll do.



Over time we will be expanding into access control and greater security measures for Australian business and homes. But for now, we've got the best, best value, most easy to use range of property observation systems in the country.  


Change your mind or buy the wrong thing? We have a guarantee for that.
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