All 4G camera products come with a SIM card pre-installed which allows for 2 hours/week of live streaming for the first year (our customers tell us that’s heaps!).

After this period, you can:

· Keep our SIM card at a quarterly billing cycle of $5/week.

· Insert your own SIM.

· Connect the camera to a WiFi connection nearby.

If you exceed 2 hours of live streaming per week you will receive a notification. After the third notification we will offer you an upgrade package.

Our cameras only run on a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Network.

All our cameras have Infrared (IR) distance Night Vision. This is active when you see the red lights at night. The IR distance varies depending on the camera model

You can view up to 60 cameras off the Monkey Vision Connect App.

There is no limit on the number of colleagues, friends, and family able to view your cameras. Each person who wishes to view the camera must enter the camera’s UID number or scan the QR code. The UID number can be copy and pasted for easy sharing. Each person can only view the camera if you have shared the password with them (even if they have the UID number).

There is currently not a time-lapse mode, but you can collate screenshots by downloading static images at key moments.

All our camera products come with a power pack to be plugged straight into power. They also connect to our solar kits or are hardwired to power.

Every Monkey Vision camera has a hard reset button, press & hold this for 10-15 seconds and your camera will be reset to the default setting.

The difference between WiFi & 4G camera products is how the camera connects to the internet for you to view in our Monkey Vision Connect App.

A 4G camera has its own pre-installed sim card that connects to your mobile phone.

A camera connected to your WiFi relies on the local communication of your network to the internet and connects to a modem router.

A 4G camera can be placed outside a local network and is therefore ideal where there is no WiFi available.

Currently our cameras do not record in 4K, but stay tuned for the arrival of our new Australian Built 4K cameras.

Unfortunately, the red lights that you see on the cameras at night are essential for their night vision functionality, and therefore cannot be switched off.

Every Monkey Vision camera stores footage locally and can be accessed, saved and downloaded any time remotely via the Monkey Vision app.

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather! So we encourage using just one camera per solar panel. However we do have customers that currently power multiple cameras per a single Panel.

Our 4G cameras aren’t designed to be streamed live, as this requires too much data. However, our 4G camera range can be connected to WiFi to support continuous streaming. Our Wi-Fi cameras are also suitable for live streaming. Some of our cameras are also POE (power over ethernet) compatible and can be powered with an NVR

All cameras store 7 days’ worth of footage (24 hours a day, for 7 days). This means that after 7 days, the recorded footage is erased. This can be upgraded to 14 and 28 days of onboard storage.

All our cameras are IP66 rated. This means that each camera’s enclosure is waterproof against hose-directed water and falling drops of rain or snow. However, they are not intended to be submerged in water.

The power cord is 75cm long