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Expert Building & Worksite CCTV Security Cameras

At Monkey Vision, we supply high-quality CCTV systems and security cameras for residential clients across Melbourne. Our home security cameras are designed for use in homes and properties of all sizes and our range includes both indoor and outdoor home security cameras.

If you want to keep your home safe and reduce the risk of intruders trespassing on your property, our security cameras can deter criminals by catching them in the act! Whether you want CCTV to monitor your home and garden 24/7 or you want to access your live security feed remotely, our security experts can help.

Security Cameras for Commercial Clients

Our comprehensive range of professional grade 4G and Wifi CCTV cameras are available in both wireless and hardwired solutions. Our professional team are always on hand and to install your cameras at your site and we can also remotely monitor your camera system from our 24/7 A1 graded Monitoring Centres in Australia for the ultimate in security and protection. All of our cameras can also be accessed and viewed from wherever you are via the Monkey Vision App.

Choose from a range of camera types including Bullet, Dome, PTZ and Turrets which can include features such as motion detection, night vision, human detection, two-way voice, weatherproof casing and 7-day onboard recording to name a few. The type of camera you choose really depends on your site security requirements, with multiple rooms, barriers and other obstacles, it is important to choose a camera system that offers the best coverage area and meets the needs of what you want to see and protect.

Bullet cameras are more visible, making them an excellent visible deterrent on sites already suffering from theft or vandalism. Dome cameras are much more discreet, while turret cameras can rotate and monitor a wider field of vision.

High Quality

Count on us for reliable, accurate & clear cameras.

Easy to Use

Our cameras are easy to set up and use.

Cost Effective

No matter what your budget is.

Not sure what type of security camera is best for your BUSINESS?

Our professionals can explain all of your options to you and demonstrate how they operate so that you can make an informed choice before you buy.


Monkey Vision caters businesses of all sizes from different industries to solve all sorts of problems using our camera tech. Whether it be safety, security, accountability and time management, our cameras can be trained to look out for almost anything.

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