*Selected models only built in Australia are clearly marked on our website.

The Monkey Vision Difference

Built, serviced and supported for Australia, in Australia, We’ve simplified how cameras communicate with the user. 

Our Aussie team has mixed camera technology and locally developed software to solve all kinds of issues. From safety, to security, governance and accountability – our security solutions save you money and time while offering local tech support. 

Which camera is right for you?

Have strong Wi-Fi and looking to self install?

Our Simple by Monkey Vision Cameras and Doorbell are totally wireless. Simply charge the battery, place the camera in position and connect to your Wi-Fi. Our cameras wake on motion and will last months without a recharge and will record to the cloud or to the device. Our easy to use App means you are always in control.

Have Strong Wi-Fi and Power Point close to the Camera?

Our Pro Series cameras record 24/7 and are built tough to last for Aussie conditions. For the workplace or home our industrial grade cameras record to the camera and the footage is then accessed by you via our Monkey Vision Connect App.

Have No Wi-Fi or Internet access?

Our Pro Series 4G cameras allow you to set up camera anywhere there is a 4G Signal. Power is required from a 240v power point or our Sunshine Solar Panel for this purpose. Perfect for Construction sites, Farms and anywhere you need instant eyes. All of our models utilise our easy to use App. Our 4G cameras can be set up out of the box in minutes, SIM and memory included.

Have an internet connection and want a fully cabled solution?

Many of our Pro series model cameras can run on POE (power over ethernet) that means 1 cable can carry both data and power. These cameras can connect to a POE switch straight into the internet. Our Pro Series cameras record to an internal memory stick and can record up to 28 days or you can connect to a NVR (network video recorder) for longer term storage requirements


Monkey Vision Pro series cameras can all work on the same app in different locations no matter how you have them connected.

So you can mix 4G, Wi-Fi and POE, up to 60 cameras can be viewed on our app.



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